Small Penis Party!

In March a party will be held in east London like none you’ve seen before. What makes it different? It’s a celebration of small penises; a one of a kind event that features poetry, comedy and music. Its 50p per inch to get in and we aren’t talking about your waist or your height (women are asked to make a donation). The idea is to get people to be more accepting of smaller penises, most importantly, their own.

We have probably all wondered about the size of our cock from time to time. I remember a kid in school, when I was about 13, asking all the guys if they had measured their manhood. Many had, though more refused to answer. How big we are is something we worry about. In fact one study found 30% of us are unhappy, 35% are content and the rest somewhere in between. Another study put the figure higher with 45% of men unhappy with their penis.

Your body size and shape has an impact on how big you think you are. Shorter men or men with a larger waist size are more likely to underestimate the size of their dick. While taller and slimmer men are more likely to overestimate what they are packing. Men who are older or gay men are also more likely to have concerns. Another study found that men of average size where more likely to worry than those with below average plumbing.

The cause of all this worry seems to stem from the idea that if we are bigger we are somehow more of a man. There is an idea that a larger penis will leave us better able to please a partner in the bedroom and ultimately just make us better people. The blame for all this is uncertain it definitely has something to do with idea of what a man should be. Pornography and childhood comparisons with friends have been linked to making the problem worse.

Women don’t seem to agree with the value we place on our member. One study found that 85% of women were happy with their partner’s equipment.  Another study which looked at couples having sex decided that women’s sexual pleasure is basically unaffected by their partner’s size.

Women are happy with what we bring to the table and are running under the assumption that we are happy ourselves. A common theme with men is we don’t talk about our worries until they have had time to build; it’s not likely many man are having open conversations on this stuff down the pub.

Another issue we have is that we have a tendency to look at it from a wired angle. Every other penis we see is side on and in the case of porn up close and personal. Our own is from up above and looks smaller just due to perspective. Having a look in a full length mirror may give you a better perspective; though remember a non-erect penis has limited bearing on the size of its erect counterpart.

If the worry gets too much for some men getting therapy is an option. A lot of this issue stems from the fact that men aren’t too good at talking about our problems and when do it can often be dismissed. After all who worries about their penis size? The answer is a lot blokes. We don’t have honest conversations about our size and how we are feeling with our friends or partners. So a small penis party sounds like a good idea if only because it will get people talking.

Photo by Richard North used under creative commons licence originally found on Flickr